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Paraprofessional Positions:

Elementary School: Paraprofessional position. Duties as assigned. (Posted: 2/10/14)


Transportation Department:



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Anderson County Special Education Co-op (serves the Cayuga, Elkhart, Frankston, Neches, Slocum and Westwood school districts):

Special Education Counselor - Qualifications: LSSP, LSSP Intern. This position is subject to assignment.
Speech Pathologist - Qualifications: State Licensure and/or ASHA License. We will supervise CFY. Salary: Commensurate with experience. This position is subject to assignment.
Please contact: Debbie Gazaway, Director; P. O. Box 1270; Frankston, TX 75763; 903-876-3685; Fax: 903-876-4082; email: dgazaway@acsec.net



Professional Personnel Application: Application

Service and Support Personnel Application: Support Application

Verification/Criminal History: Verification

Applicants must complete the application and email it to Roxanne Slater, superintendent's secretary. They must also complete the verification form and criminal history form to be mailed to the school.

Applicants may mail copies of resumes, teaching and professional certificates or licenses, and transcripts to the address listed on the verification form.

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