Employment Opportunities

Administration Positions:



Teaching/Professional Positions:

Cayuga Independent School District is accepting applications for the following positions:
Vocational Agriculture/Ag Mechanics
CTE Teacher
Social Studies Teacher
Spanish Teacher
Special Education Teacher
Grade levels and courses to be taught are subject to assignment by the school's administration.
Application Deadline: Until positions are filled.
Posted: May 21, 2015



Paraprofessional Positions:

Cayuga ISD is currently accepting applications for the following positions:
Paraprofessional Position
Elementary PE Aide: The duties of this position may include coaching responsibilities. (Posted 10/23/2014)


Cayuga ISD is currently accepting applications for the following position of employment:
Primary Job Role: Perform on-site technical work to install and maintain computer equipment, network and software applications throughout the district. Respond to work orders by diagnosing and repairing network and computer hardware.
Education/Certification - High School Diploma or GED
Valid Driver's Licence.
Special Knowledge/Skills:
Knowledge of computer workstation setup
Knowledge of computer hardware and software applications
Ability to install, maintain and repair computers and peripherals
Ability to install and maintain network cables and hardware
Ability to diagnose problems and perform repairs
Experience: Work experience installing, maintaining and repairing computers and peripherals.
Posted April 20, 2015



Transportation Department:



Maintenance Department:






Anderson County Special Education Co-op (serves the Cayuga, Elkhart, Frankston, Neches, Slocum and Westwood school districts):



Professional Personnel Application: Application

Service and Support Personnel Application: Support Application

Verification/Criminal History: Verification

Applicants must complete the application and email it to Roxanne Slater, superintendent's secretary. They must also complete the verification form and criminal history form to be mailed to the school.

Applicants may mail copies of resumes, teaching and professional certificates or licenses, and transcripts to the address listed on the verification form.

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